Passenger Service Center

Information Counter

Passenger can contact Information counter at Check-in building and Meetting building


Vat refunds service

Vat refunds service within the international departure terminal.


Duty free

To serve two points, Gate 5 Domestic Passenger Terminal and Gate 6 International Terminal


First Aid

       Ward of the airport is located at the north of the building Arrival hall with medical professionals is available between 08.00 - 17.00.


Muslim Prayer Room

        The prayer hall is a room used for the worship of Muslims. The airport is provided at the Main gate, because prayer room is a room that is used for the worship of Muslims. Staff has set the rules on how to use a simple three prayers as follows.

 • Do not use the sleep. Deliberate and relax

 • Do not put the cart / storage / food into the prayer room.

 • Please keep clean And the articles provided carefully.




Wheelchair Service

The airport offers Wheelchair for elderly, disabled patients Check-in Building


Emergency Tourist Police center