Passenger Service Center

Information Counter

Passenger can contact Information counter at Check-in building and Meetting building


Vat refunds service

Vat refunds service within the international departure terminal.


Duty free

To serve two points, Gate 5 Domestic Passenger Terminal and Gate 6 International Terminal


First Aid

       Ward of the airport is located at the north of the building Arrival hall with medical professionals is available between 08.00 - 17.00.


Muslim Prayer Room

        The prayer hall is a room used for the worship of Muslims. The airport is provided at the Main gate, because prayer room is a room that is used for the worship of Muslims. Staff has set the rules on how to use a simple three prayers as follows.

 • Do not use the sleep. Deliberate and relax

 • Do not put the cart / storage / food into the prayer room.

 • Please keep clean And the articles provided carefully.


Golf station service

The airport's passenger electric golf cart. to various Gate.



Wheelchair Service

The airport offers Wheelchair for elderly, disabled patients Check-in Building


Emergency Tourist Police center