carbon footprint

     On September 19, 2559 Bangkok Airways. Led by Gen. Narongchai Tanadchangsaeng Vice President – Airport and staff of the airport. Corporate Social Responsibility Attendance certificate by Admiral Surasak Kanjanakul , Minister of Natural Resources. And the environment at the "heart of efforts to reduce global warming" at Ballroom Zone National Sirikit Convention Center. Ratchadapisek Road in Bangkok on the occasion of the company. Bangkok Airways (Thailand) (Samui airport) certification mark, the carbon footprint of the organization is the first airport in the country. Greenhouse Gas Management Organization. (ITD) in consideration. On Wednesday, September 7 at which the contract allows the use of the carbon footprint of the organization, this is the last one year between September 7, 2559 -6 in September 2560 to mark certified carbon footprint. enterprise As a result of information from the various works of the Airport  and Airlines of Samui Airport in order to calculate the amount of greenhouse gases or Greenhouse Gases-GHGs emitted from the event. various (In carbon dioxide equivalents) in scope 3 includes.

Scope 1 emissions of GHGs, such as direct fuel combustion.

Scope 2: Indirect emissions of GHGs such as electricity office.

And scope 3 emissions of GHGs indirectly, such as the use of paper.

   The benefits of the carbon footprint of the organization is. To manage the risk of Sustainability forthcoming carbon tax. Including support for the measures and targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Demonstrating social responsibility and the environment.


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