Pra-Yai temple

       Established in 1972, WatPhraYai is a famous tourist attraction of KoSamui and highly revered among the Buddhists and visitors.

       When you enter the temple, you will see the parking lots and souvenir shop where you can purchase clothes, caps and paintings or even boost up your energy with a coffee. Before going up to pay respect to the Buddha image, you can take photos with PhraAphai Mani, a literary figure, behind the parking lots.

       Inside the temple, at way up to the Naka stair, there are pavilions where Buddha images are enshrined. The visitors can pay respect to the Buddha image with joss sticks and candlesor cover it with a gold foil. Furthermore, you can make merit by offering food, consumer goods to the monks or even ask for blessings and getsprayed with holy water. On another side of the ground floor, there are some amulet shops where you can purchase amulets or holy items. You can make a donation by purchasing tiles for temple construction here.

       After going upstairs, you will see the famous PhraYai or PhraPhuttha Kho Dom, a gigantic Buddha image in the attitude of subduing Mara with a width of 33”9’, decorated with golden tile all over the statue. It is surrounded by the bells which you can beat with a wooden stick to wish for good luck. Besides paying respect to the Buddha image to purify your mind, you will also see an impressively stunning view of KoPhaNgan, especially at dusk.

How to get there?

       Only 10-minutedrive from Bo Phut beach by taking the road along the Bang Rak beach. When you see Bang Rak pier on the left, go straight for about 300m and you will see the entrance of the temple. Or, if you come from Cha Weng beach, it takes about 15-minutedrive. Take the road which leads to Cheng Mon beach, passing many hotels, e.g. Nora Beach hotel, Nora Buri hotel, Boat House hotel, and stay on until you see the entrance of the temple on the right.


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